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Tuesday, 15 December 2009 22:17

Bearcast Music Reviews
Written by: Brian Costello

David Homyk is a rare, unique talent as he writes, produces, and arranges all of his own material while being unsigned to a record label. This is actually a shame as he is so talented that one wishes a label executive would take notice. His debut EP, "True Story," is one of the few amateur works available that really shines.

The best way to describe Homyk’s music and voice is almost like an American version of Liam Gallagher and Oasis. However, more pop-ish records like “All in All,” “Addicted to You,” and “Knock, Knock” give off more of a Justin Timberlake-like feel. But the majority of the album has a somewhat bitter-sweat vibe as songs like “Hard to Make a Friend,” “It Makes You Believe,” and “Fool in the Middle” deal with either failed relationships or relationships deemed to fail. Though these subjects may not be the most cheerful, Homyk creates these records in a way that are ironically enjoyable.

However, the feature in which the album lacks is versatility. Although no song ever sounds the same, the aim and subject matter, however, are. Every song is directed towards a woman, whether it is in a positive or negative manner. Nonetheless, Homyk’s work is one of the few albums out there by an unsigned artist where the skip button won’t be necessary.

Daveffect Magazine
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 22:19

What the song is up readers? I am singing a new track in life. I noticed a new singer that acts on All My Children. FYI ladies his type is dangerous... So dangerous he is a bad ass singer. His sound is a little Beatles more Beejees less Justine Timberlake (don't cry a river I still dance you JT) almost James Blunt, but all Lyrics David Homyk. I listen to his freshmen album titled True Story, His music bekonds upon us.

David R Hello fool in the middle, you still singing the blues?

David Homyk Haha from time to time, 'blues' come and go as is human nature.

David R Track one hard to make a friend (my favorite track) where does that resonate from?

David Homyk That song is actually a combination of two separate and unrelated true stories. At points I'm talking to my ex girlfriend, and at points I'm addressing a management situation that I know is not working out.

David R You produce write and sing, does everything you do in life personally and professionally require you to be in control of all the roles?

David Homyk Not as a rule, but it tends to default to that. I'm really looking forward to lining up the right management-label combo who can up the anti on anything I throw on the table.

David R What is the effect you want to put out through your music?

David Homyk Hmmm... Well I don't have an agenda or effect I want to put out per se. I just allow each song to come from the unmanifested into the manifested realm through me in a process which demands attention to the whole spectrum of individual jobs that comprise the fruition of a record. That's how I ended up writing and composing, singing, playing each of the instruments from guitar and bass guitar to piano and saxophone, drum designing and sequencing, producing, engineering, and mastering all at the same time.

David R You have a middle eastern back round (halla beak) does your CD player spin any Arabic music/ if so has any part of the Middle Eastern culture influence your music?

David Homyk My mom had some awesome albums I used to listen to growing up. From the time I was only 2 or 3 I used to beg her to play them and it was always such a treat! I can't remember the artists' names, but if you have ever been to a good Middle Eastern club such as Le Souk on East 3rd St in NYC, you know how powerful really slamming Arabic tracks can be. The rest of what I listened to were my dad's Beatles records which he used to crank in the living room and dance with me to. Also an amazing treat. These are my earliest memories haha!

David R Woman are always told the way to a man’s heart is through his belly, can you give the all the ladies a blueprint to the direction of your heart?

David Homyk Also through my pants. But that's just a fraction of a total route to a man's heart which is otherwise nonlinear. The times in my life where I've fallen completely for a girl it's been so beyond sexual, so beyond "cooking skills" or any worldly pleasure that my momentum in life is halted like a whole planet that stops spinning and I'm left breathless and in a state of ineffable confusion and ironic bliss.

David R The big apple can turn into a battle FIELD. What have you shield away from the world?

David Homyk I'm pretty open, no shielding, I just stay fully clothed in public that's my only shield. Accept for today when I was trying on pants and I couldn't get a single employee to open up the dressing room so I just dropped my drawers right there in the store in front of a mirror.

David R We all of our own personally soundtrack in life what is the them to yours?

David Homyk Good question... It would be quite a diverse soundtrack to capture a whole array of experiences and true stories. Everything from Necrophagist to Ella Fitzgerald.


There you sing it readers. David Homyk is a man with many talents. He sings and the sound effects beat to your heart. His CD is on repeat on my music pLaYeR!

Music Connection Magazine - "New Music Critiques"
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 21:47

Indie Music Stop/C.W. Ross
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 22:16

Indie Music Stop/C.W. Ross

By C.W. Ross

David Homyk was born in Canada, raised in Virginia, and now calls New York City home. He got an early start with his music when at eight years old he began composing songs on the piano, inspired by his love of Scott Joplin and early Ragtime jazz musicians.

He list his music influences now to include, Pink Floyd, JoJo, Tom Petty, along with, Kurt Cobain and Roger Waters, who he credits for being a musician.

Musically he’s been described as a blend of Maroon 5 and James Blunt, while vocally he’s been compared to artist like, Liam Gallagher (Oasis), and Justin Timberlake.

Homyk is a multi-faceted person. Academically he’s received several different college level degrees. Musically he’s worked as a record producer. He had too much talent though to not be in front of the microphone.

While working as a record producer refining his sound a big break came when he begun incorporating his signature drum-tracks and style into Beyoncé Knowles songs. The remixes were a hit and caught the eye of Beyoncé’s father, and music industry mogul Matthew Knowles. Homyk relocated to New York City where he has been writing songs and producing tracks for a wide range of artists.

He’s worked with Beyoncé Knowles, Solange Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Cherish, Cheri Dennis, J-Harris, Sunshine Anderson, and Aqualeo.

True Story is the debut release from Homyk. This 8-track CD is filled with soulful pop music that will have the ladies swooning. David, with his boyish charm’s look, sings a lot about love in his songs. Unfortunately a lot of the times it’s about failed or failing love.

You’ve heard of a one-man band well Homyk takes it one step further being a one-man everything. Here’s his album credit’s, vocals, piano, guitar, bass, composer, song writer, producer, engineer, arranger, drum sequencing, sound design/ drum design, bass keyboards, choir, backup vocals, synth layering, string arrangement, vocal arrangement, mixing, mastering, photo processing and rendering, branding, graphic design and layout. The only other album credit is Romer Pedron for Photography.

On True Story you’ll find 6 songs plus two versions of, “Hard to Make a Friend.” That song both kicks off and ends the CD. The first version of it, a radio edit is a nice piano lead ballad. The second version of it, the original, goes for more of a fun route complete with tons of bass parts, along with helium/chipmunk like vocals scattered throughout it.

Personally my favorite tracks were, “All in All,” and “Knock, Knock.” These songs offer up a nice dance pop feel on them.

David Homyk’s many talents shine brightly on True Story, making it a release that you need to checkout.


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